Cami-1-optCami sings lead and harmony and plays guitar. Singing in choirs beginning in childhood all the way through college, she was always drawn to the pure, meditative qualities of early polyphonic music. Choir provided the opportunity to sing in great cathedrals throughout the U.S. and Central Europe. She briefly dabbled in opera and classical vocal music before discovering roots styles in old country and bluegrass, which she now considers her musical home. Cami enjoys the down-to-earth, community aspect of this genre of music and especially likes finding harmony with others. (Photo courtesy From the Hip Photo)

DSC_0055-001 (5)Mike sings and plays banjo and mandolin. He has been musical all his life, beginning with church music as a youngster. After spending two years studying music theory, piano and vocal techniques at Collings School of Fine Arts, he moved into rock and punk as a young adult. In 1993 he quit his executive job, bought a banjo and began traveling to community gatherings and bluegrass festivals around West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio, studying Appalachian traditions in music. Mike has a deep sense of the timeline and respect for the tradition of old time and bluegrass music and enjoys bridging it to a contemporary audience.

Claire sings lead and harmony and plays fiddle with the Hummin’Birds (when she’s visiting Colorado from West Virginia, that is)! Growing up as a “festival kid”, bluegrass music and similar genres have been staples throughout her life, giving her a deep sense of and appreciation for the music she plays. She picked up a violin for the first time in elementary school, but the inspiration truly kicked in during her early teens. From there she began a more in-depth study of bluegrass music and frequently ventures into other genres such as western swing, old time, Irish, and rock/folk. Claire currently lives in West Virginia, and is soaking up Appalachian music and folk culture by participating in the local music scene there. (Photo courtesy Susan Roth Photography, LLC)

We collaborate with a variety of additional talented musicians along the Front Range to create the the ideal combo for every event.